Canfor Boiler Feed Water Foundation

The purpose of the project was the replacement of existing Hot Lime / Zeolite Softener Boiler Feedwater Treatment System as part of Canfor Green Energy Transformation Project.

Our scope of work for this project included:

  • excavation
  • re-routing of existing sewer and fire lines to the new building
  • replacement of and addition of new catch basins
  • building foundations and pedestals
  • slabs on grade and elevated slabs
  • basement concrete walls
  • perimeter building masonry walls
  • tank foundations for Gravity Filter Tank, Clarifier Tank and Demin Tank
  • application of acid-resistant epoxy coatings
  • shoring/underpinning of existing oil lube building and electrical buildings
  • site grade work
Client Company:Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
Location:Prince George, BC
Start date:July 2012
project status:Completeend date:February 2012