green building

IDL is proud to be one of the first contractors in British Columbia’s North to construct LEED Gold Projects. IDL’s innovation in waste reduction, green product sourcing and education of our subcontractors is all part of our success in sustainable construction.

IDL Projects is taking the lead in adopting these new practices and methods. We're focused on reducing the environmental impact of the construction process while also improving upon the positive qualities that come from green construction. We have design management team members that can perform constructability review of your project and seek ways to enhance the use of natural renewable resources, become more energy efficient, reduce waste and reduce the impact of the construction process.

In this way architects and engineers can use IDL as a "one-stop shop” and know that our same standards of keeping your project on time and on budget will apply.

Learn more about the ways IDL Projects can bring your green building into reality by contacting our team.

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