demanding challenges. amazing results.

Through hard work and determination IDL Projects Inc. has established itself as a go-to solutions provider for civil and commercial construction work in Western and Northern Canada and the Caribbean. How? By assembling a top management team with over 285 man-years of shared experience and a highly skilled labor force of approximately 1000 employees in a work environment that demands ingenuity and innovation from them every day.

Whether your project is civil, commercial, industrial, public, mining or infrastructure, the IDL team can build it for you from the start right through to the finish.

With our energy, resources and reputation to move quickly and accurately, IDL Projects will do more than build your next project for you. Let us amaze you.

Safety is more than a requirement at our job sites, it's a fundamental principal of our work ethic. We pride ourselves on our industry leading safety statistics and company-wide commitment to safety excellence.

By bringing together multiple construction services, engineering firms, equipment dealers and other partners under one roof, IDL Projects saves time and cost by taking care of all your needs with one phone call.

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