Metro-Can Projects Services

Construction Management Services

Metro-Can offers construction services to clients as Construction Manager or General Contractor. We can work on a Construction Management (CM) at Risk basis or pure Construction Management. Under all scenarios we provide management of the following:

Cost Estimating and Project Control

Metro-Can Projects will prepare a preliminary budget based on the considerable historic cost data it has on projects of this nature and in this area once the design has advanced to a point where the budget information is meaningful. This will become our control estimate that we maintain and track throughout the preconstruction period where the design will be evolving.

Value Engineering

From the outset Metro-Can will share its knowledge gained in building similar projects to add value to the project through cost savings or better value. Identified early on, changes and additions are easily adapted to the design with reduced cost impact. The key to optimizing the potential savings is early involvement of the Construction Manager, when redesign costs are minimal.


Metro-Can uses MS Project to develop the CPM schedule. In the early stages of Pre-Construction a preliminary schedule will be prepared and will include the requirements leading up to the construction start such as design development, long lead items, finishes selections, sales launch and permits. The key milestones will be identified by the Team comprised of the owner, design team and Construction Manager to monitor progress towards, and into, construction. Prior to construction a detailed schedule will be developed and used to track the project construction with regular updates to monitor trade contractor progress.

Tender and Procurement

In concert with the client, Metro-Can will develop and assemble trade contractor tender packages for the project. The trade packages are put out to select qualified trades for pricing. Following the closing of the bids for the various trade packages Metro-Can commences the bid normalization process to ensure that the bids are complete and that they reflect the work expected. Through this process we establish what the actual low bid is and make our trade award recommendation to the Client.

Construction Supervision

We typically staff each project with a construction manager and a site superintendent. However, the needs of the project dictate. We review the complexity along with its location and the value of short response times as well as firm site control with the client.

Contract Administration

Our document control includes the logging, distribution and tracking of Shop Drawings, Requests for Information (RFI`s), Change Orders (CO`s), and design drawings. Trade contracts are issued and changes, if validated, are tracked.

Cost Control

Once the budget has been accepted the estimate is committed into our Timberline construction software for our use and yours. Monthly reporting including Job Cost and Committed Cost reports are reviewed to ensure that the Trade Contractor accounts are accurate and that they accrued costs are within budget. Periodically the budget is reviewed and if required it is updated to forecast known changes or adjustments.

Project Accounting

All invoicing is received and processed in the Head Office of Metro-Can Projects where it is processed. Invoices are sent to site monthly for approval by the construction manager and the superintendent. After approval they are returned to Head Office and entered into the Timberline costing system. Copies of the invoices are assembled with the monthly draw package and forwarded to the client for review by the appointed monitor. Following the monitor's review, the cheques are run and are sent to DCMS for signature.

Safety Programming

IDL Projects is a recognized and active member of the CSABC STAR Program and values the importance of safety. We have also achieved prequalified status with both the CanQual® standard and the comprehensive ISNetworld® measures. The safety policies and procedures of IDL Projects and the JV Driver group of companies is adopted by all partner companies and our staff, labour force, subcontractors and trade contractors.

Clearly, personnel and public safety are key attributes to our success. We perform construction work on some very risky sites. Some of our industrial and infrastructure projects have the most stringent safety requirements - requirements which only a select few general contractors are able to accommodate.

We develop a Project/Work Specific Occupational Health and Safety Program to complement our standard protocol. Site Safety Plans, Safety meetings, Tool-box meetings and the like are routine yet unique to the particulars of the Project.

The project will be staffed with a Construction Safety Officer who will manage the safety program on site. Compliance by all workers on site and all site visitors is mandatory. It is expected that everyone involved with the project report unsafe acts and near-misses to our supervisory staff in order that they protect themselves and others.