At IDL Projects Inc., safety is a culture we follow during work and take home after work. It is a part of who we are. Safety is a Team Value at IDL because our people are the most important asset we have.

Our program is based on our belief of Zero Harm. Safety does not protect you from something, it protects you for something. IDL is very proud of the fact that we are among the leaders of the safest companies in British Columbia and in this industry. We utilize many tools to ensure the safety of everyone, including those who work for us directly or as a sub-contractor. Among the programs we use is Courageous Safety Leadership, Personal Big Five’s (PB5’s), Chronic Unease and the Vigilance Program. The IDL Good Catch and Hazard Observation programs have proven this methodology works time and time again. We encourage the team to Think Different Build Better, and from this we work safer and produce a better product.

Our overall goal is a safe and healthy workplace for all workers within IDL and every other company that works with us. IDL goes beyond just meeting provincial regulatory standards and compliance, we exceed it.

Educating and mentoring our workers is the key to our success. Our safety stats speak directly about the workplace culture of our employees and how seriously they take each others' welfare on a job site. These positive figures are also a benefit of the Health and Safety program we have implemented within IDL. When we work safe with quality, we never have to question our production. We're always on time and on budget; with everyone going home safe.

Core Values

IDL Projects Inc. we have four core values that are the cornerstones of the foundation of the company.


All IDL Projects Inc. employees are directly involved with all four core values, promoting a safe culture and environment to work in and leave to go home to their loved ones at the end of the day. All of our employees are leant to us from their families and IDL, and in return will assure that we do everything possible to return them back healthier, safer, and with a little more knowledge. It is this great culture that has made IDL Projects Inc. to be among the best in the industry when it comes to completing work safely.

Over the course of 15 years of work, we have achieved some outstanding safety goals:

  • A third party external Safety Audit score in 2019 gave us a rating of 100%
  • As of 2019 we had a TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) of 0.4
  • Over 10 million man hours worked
  • IDL enjoys a 3 year TRIR rolling average of 0.34

This does not happen by luck or chance. It happens because everyone at IDL Projects Inc. believes it can be achieved.

Steve Knight - Corporate Safety Manager
IDL Projects Inc.