As IDL Projects has grown we have also added to our assets through strategic partnerships and new acquisitions. Ourdepth of talent, be it employees or management, allows our team to take on any challenge and deliver superior results.

Metro-Can Projects Inc. was established in 2010 to carry the reputable Metro-Can Construction Ltd. flag across the nation. Metro-Can Construction Ltd., arguably the premier high-rise builder in Vancouver, was purchased by IDL Projects, Partner Company of the JV Driver group of companies in 2010. Metro-Can Projects provides Construction Management Services to the group's national clients for their commercial, institutional and residential projects across Canada while Metro-Can Construction remains focused on the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland building commercial, mixed use and multi-unit residential for their existing and new clients.

NTI, or Nor-Tech Trenchless Inc., is a provider for Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology. CIPP is a pipeline rehabilitation method used in industry and municipalities which allows for the effective rehabilitation of many different pipeline issues, with little disruption to services and surroundings. CIPP is a widely used, cost]effective and accepted pipeline rehabilitation method.

In 2010, IDL Projects acquired Metro-Can Construction, a well-known general contracting company based in Greater Vancouver. With a reputation that extends back to 1964, Metro-Can has built a name for being a premiere and reputable builder for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional construction projects.

Metro-Can Construction provides IDL Projects with an excellent team of management and personnel. Their commitment to excellence and superior construction techniques makes them a valuable component of IDL's total offering to clients.