Strategic Partnerships

IDL Projects is committed to working with Aboriginal people. Our company recognizes that Aboriginal people hold distinct historical, legal, and cultural status within Canada. As legal, business, political, social, and environmental realities evolve, IDL Projects acknowledges the need to develop sustainable, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal communities.

To facilitate this, IDL employs a full-time Aboriginal Liaison person to assist with communications between Aboriginal communities and the company. Our Liaisonís responsibilities are to help foster healthy relationships between Aboriginal communities and IDL, building trust, understanding, and address concerns. IDLís Liaison works closely with communities to identify economic opportunities for local Aboriginal businesses, contractors, and local employment.

IDL regularly engages Aboriginal communities, organizations and businesses to participate in our projects. This often leads to longer term partnerships as well as new employment opportunities, sponsorships, training and business development and capacity building. As a greater understanding develops between our two organizations, so does our recognition and appreciation of the roles, challenges and individual accomplishments of our Aboriginal partners.

If you are a skilled Aboriginal worker living within or surrounding the impact area of one of our projects, you may be an ideal candidate for working at IDL Projects. Contact our team and provide details about your background, skills and vital information.