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IDL’s Core Values:

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver any size of construction project, in any region of Western Canada and the Caribbean, and to deliver maximum value for the owner.

  • Take Care of Each Other: Nothing is more important than the safety of our people! This Core Value recognizes that our people are the foundation of our success and keeping them safe is the highest priority. However, this value means more than just having an industry leading safety program, it includes the families of our people, the communities where we live and work and the environment in which our work is done. When we are Taking Care of Each Other, we are truly Building Great Things.
  • Build Great Things: “Build Great Things” defines IDL Project’s core business as a construction conglomerate, building large state-of-the-art projects across all sectors. The idea of “Building Great Things” also applies internally, to building great teams, great relationships and great careers. This value drives our ambition to train and maintain the best people, build the best systems and execute the best work possible. “Building Great Things” truly underpins, not only the success of our individual projects, but the success of the entire group.
  • Be Innovative: “Being Innovative” is a value closely tied to our Core Purpose of “Think Different, Build Better” and captures IDL Project’s continued goal to bring innovative solutions to every facet of the construction industry, providing elevated value to our clients and the safest, most effective environments for our people. This innovation applies to the “Single Site, Single Source” advantage of our fabrication facility, our group expansion, our labour strategies, our constructability services and our systems. This dedication to innovation goes beyond our service offerings and is evident in the development and empowering of all members of the team.
  • Have Fun: We understand construction is a fast paced and challenging environment, and we love it! Our people love this industry and Having Fun while Looking After Each Other and Building Great Things can lead to some very amazing results.