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We recognize that First Nations play an important role on the projects we complete. By extending an invitation and providing meaningful participation early in the project’s life cycle we can help create positive experiences that yield solid benefits for First Nations, Indigenous peoples and Indigenous owned businesses. Some of the many benefits include sustainable long-term relationships, employment opportunities, training and mentoring opportunities, sponsorship programs, business development, capacity building, and the fostering of mutual understanding.

The work that we do places us at the heart of many First Nations and we are committed to being a responsible supporter of these Indigenous communities. We will work to ensure that our business practices, strategies, initiatives and commitments support First Nations with the goals of developing healthy relationships, building trust, furthering cultural understanding and addressing concerns. Furthermore, we will work strategically with the First Nations to help identify immediate and long-term opportunities to meaningfully and actively participate in our work.

We have seen great success with our First Nation engagement. We are committed to ensuring we continue to build a corporate culture that seeks shared understandings with First Nations while providing Indigenous people and Indigenous owned businesses with full and fair opportunity to benefit from the projects we construct.