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Cayman Islands Airport Authority – Owen Roberts International Airport Expansion

The airfield upgrades at the Owen Roberts International Airport included extension of Runway with Taxiway Turnaround consisting of 21,500 m3 of gravels and 9,750 mt of hot mix asphalt. Strengthening of Existing Runway with addition of paved shoulders consisting of 111,000 m2 of asphalt milling, gravels and 51,000 mt of hot mix asphalt at 200 mm deep, completed with airfield paint markings and runway grooving. Jet Blast Deflector consisting of over 350 lm of deflector wall on a concrete foundation. Airplane Parking Apron Expansion consisting of 27,000 m3 of gravel, 13,600 m2 of concrete apron and 9,000 mt of hot mix asphalt. A Parallel Code E taxiway consisting of 32,600 m3 of gravel installation and 13,800 mt of hot mix asphalt. Ancillory drainage structures including slot drains, drainage swales with catch basins, retention system and underground concrete encased drainage pipes. Deep Drainage Wells consisted of 100 foot deep drilled wells at 8” diameter. The top 30 feet of the well is cased and capped off with a 2 foot deep catch basin with frame and grate. The deep well structure allows ponded water to percolate down to the water table in areas where the grade is too flat to provide drainage swales with some gradient. They are used in conjunction with retention ponds and swales that capture surface water. Perimeter Road Upgrade consisting of over 4.5 km of subgrade construction and running surface of asphalt millings. Filling of Existing Ponds in airfield with over 12,000 mt of imported granite rock. Extensive airfield lighting upgrades and additions with extensive substation upgrade.

Client Company:

Cayman Islands Airport Authority (CIAA)


Cayman Islands

Completion Date:

November 2020

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