remote/cold climate

In our business, building schools, communities and homes in the Canadian north requires an understanding of the construction trade that's different from the one practiced below the 50th parallel. The favorable season is shorter here and the temperature differences are more extreme. If you don't anticipate how your building is supposed to function when it's -40 outside and heavy snowfall is on its way, your best equipment and people won't matter.

IDL Projects can correctly prepare for and plan a successful build in even the harshest Canadian environment. We're experts in factoring in all the variables that go into successful cold climate construction, from ensuring that moisture won't be trapped inside your building and produce mould to keeping the freezing air outside to making certain that your building will have a solid foundation in any kind of soil condition.

The same approach is taken for building in remote locations where limited transportation or access to building materials is a factor that must be considered. IDL not only has the ability to bring our equipment to the place where you need them, we also have a pool of skilled trades people to draw from to ensure that your project gets built on schedule and to specification, every time, no matter where it needs to be.

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